Little Surprise* Nail sticker is the perfect solution for all girls! They require no skill on your end and came already elaborately decorated! Check out our video which you definitely love it!



  1. Don’t apply any hand lotion and clear the nails surface before you start.

  2. Get the nail patches to be the same width as your nail bed. Push back your cuticles as the patches don’t adhere the nails properly if they touch cuticle or skin.

  3. Don’t expose the nails to hot water after the application as they are heat activated. The best application time is taken after a shower and give the patches enough time to set. 

  4. Suggest to apply base coat before if the surfaces of your nails are uneven.

  5. Apply a water-based nail top coat and re-apply every other day to make the patches last longer. Please test the top coat on one nail patches before applying to your nails. Some top coats are not compatible with our patches especially the fast-drying topcoat. 

  6. Gel finishing is highly recommended for the best result.


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