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The Best manis and nail art at fashion week Spring Summer 2017

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Discover the latest in Fashion - Rose Gold

Discover the latest in Fashion - Dark Floral Print

【Spring 2016 Nails Color Trend- Royal Blue】 The deep ocean blue tones from autumn appear more vibrant with a range of nail brands offering a royal blue lacquer this spring!

【New Hot Nail Trend 2016 - Shadow Nails】 In 2016 New York Fashion Week, Korean nail artist Unistella placed metallic tabs on the models' cuticles and the beauty world went wild. Embellished cuticles, also known as "shadow nails," are a minimalist look that have a big impact. They — quite l

【Nail Trend 2015-16 Fall/ Winter- Artistic Splatter Nails Make It Big】 Artistic splatter nails take over the fashion lines during the New York Fashion Week! Artistic splatter nails are seen on the Jenny Packham nails, the art being sporadic and the glitter seaming to be drips from the sky are kind of like rainfall or snow that fell in the most artistic fashion, as well as at Daks and Kenzo.

【Nail Trend 2015-16 Fall/ Winter- The return of the French Manicure】 The French manicure look has been a classic that we cannot live without. Backstage at Fashion Week Fall 2015/16, manicurists kept models' nails in simple by playing with colours and graphic details on the classic French manicure. Customize the french by adding a bit of your own twist to it this Fall!!

【Nail Trend 2015 Spring Summer】 Let's get messy! No strict rules you have to stick to. Smudges, uneven lines, chips and residue are all acceptable for this trend!

【Nail Color Trend 2015 Spring Summer - Summer Sunset】 Sunset hues are declared the color of the season. There’s just no way to miss this vibrant & totally out-of-ordinary bright orange nail polish this summer!!

【Nail Trend 2015 Spring Summer】 Less is so much more! Having invaded the catwalks of Charlotte Ronson, Oscar De La Renta, and Tibi, negative space nail art is definitely the next trend to follow! This trend which are manicures where your un-colored nail peeps through bold lacquers like cutouts in clothes.